It’s hard to imagine that a year ago i was in a dark place.  After a horrible break up i managed to give love one more try.  I thought that i wouldn’t find anyone that would look at me the same way I looked at them.  However, i was proven wrong.  I decided to take it slow with this reticular person. i spent about 7 months  knowing this person.  As it turned out, he was the one i wanted.  

Black Friday was the first time i met him in person and it was as if cupid shot me with a thousand arrows all at once.  It was love at first sight.  Over time I fell more and more for him.  It was until 04/12/2014 that i asked him to be my boyfriend.

This blog will be dedicated to our love, adventures, and anything in between.  :)  He makes me happy even when we argue i know that we will pull through and stay strong.  I love you so much babe! MUAH